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Our results speak for themselves...

We are proud to say that our learner achievement rates have sky-rocketed since 2020/21
This is all the more astonishing when you consider that our learners have for the past 3 years been challenged with taking on Level 1, 2 and 3 BTEC national qualifications with more and more learners moving on to full time jobs and even university places.

2024 - OUR BEST EVER results!

OFSTED told us we were wrong, yet...

Our 2024 external exam results in Health & Social Care, Construction and Creative Digital Media are set to be our best ever - with 80% of our learners already passing their level 1 or level 2 externally marked exams and 11% going on to achieve merit or distinction. For a lot of these learners - this is the first exam they have ever taken. Let that sink in...

Proud to be different

The average learner age is now even lower
So not only have our results improved remarkably, the average age of our learners is now just 15.5

So learners are younger, courses are more challenging and rewarding and more and more learners are achieving unparalleled success.

Where 58% of students have a learning disability

OFSTED told us this was not an excuse for poor behaviour or low achievement

We are proud to say that we take time to understand ADHD, Autism, and mental health issues affecting our young learners. 


Everyone is different, and everyone moves at a pace that is appropriate to their needs and abilities. We will never make excuses for treating every learner as an individual.

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