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Elected Home Learner?

We do offer places for Elected Home Educated (EHE) learners...

However, we only offer places on selected 14-16 courses, and it is also vital to understand that we are not a replacement for school - the child's education and the lawful requirements and responsibilities remain with the parent or guardian and any placement with us should be treated as a part of a learners education not their sole educational programme.


For example, we may not have the necessary resources to teach all levels of current attainment in English & Maths - particularly if the child is assessed at below our minimum resourced standard. In this case, you may need to find a alternative Maths/English provider.

We are a private training organisation, and we are different to a school - we don't have the same responsibilities as a state-funded school, or the scale, or the resources; so, before you elect to home-educate your child, make sure you familiarise yourself with the legal responsibilities you are taking on.

For example: if your child fails to attend in line with our attendance policy, and/or if your child breaches our behaviour or bullying or abuse policy, we can terminate their place without notice and without recourse to appeal or objection.


Your child has a right to state education, but when you elect to take them out of state education, it becomes your responsibility as a parent/guardian. 

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