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Our courses for 2023/24

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Health & Social Care

BTEC First - Level 1/2

Certificate (600/6312/9)


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Health & Social Care

BTEC Level 3 National Diploma

Health & Social Care

(601/7199/6) (16+)

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BTEC Level 1 Award/Certificate "Introduction to the Construction Environment"

(603/5955/9 & 603/5956/0) (14-16)

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BTEC Level 2 Award/Certificate/Diploma for "Employment in the Construction Industry" (601/0970/1, 601/0995/6, 601/0996/8) (16+)

Creative Digital Media

BTEC First Level 1/2 Extended Certificate (601/0167/2)


Lawn Mower Selection Support
Land Based Studies

BTEC Level 2 Technical


(34 weeks)

Functional Skills or GCSE English

Mandatory - unless you already have FS Level 2, or Grade 4 GCSE (14-19)

Functional Skills or GCSE Maths

Mandatory - unless you already have FS Level 2, or Grade 4 GCSE (14-19)

All courses run for approximately 34 weeks, and include a timetable for English & Maths unless you are exempt (i.e. you have already achieved the national minimum standard of Functional Skills Level 2, or GCSE Grade 4 or above). Note that our courses are purely vocational (learning a skill or trade); we are not a school or replacement for a school or college and you will not receive the same level of careers guidance and other curricular activities that you might in a mainstream setting.  

All courses commence in September (the exact date will be different for different courses) - although we may allow students to join during January/February if we consider they are likely to benefit.


Note that Typically learners will attend ONE day during the first week (for induction), and then start their full timetable the following week.

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